24 Non Refined Keto Friendly Snack Options

As much as we would love to eat snacks all day, we should carefully look at the number of calories each snack has. It would be a lot better if it is keto-friendly or low in carbohydrates. Here are 24 non refined keto friendly snack options:

Stevia Sweetened Dark Chocolate

Make sure the chocolate is not sweetened with normal sugar as that would not be low in carbohydrates anymore. As they say, cookies pairs well with milk including almond and oat milk.

Cacao Nibs

The snack contains flavonoids which contribute to lowering the risk of getting heart disease. This snack actually tastes better when you dip it in oat or soy milk. Be sure not to eat too much of it though or else you could end up piling the calories.


The fruit is quite filling and packed with plenty of nutrients so you’re never making the mistake of eating it. It is certainly the perfect way to end a heavy meal as you can sense your metabolism will speed up right away.


This type of fish is a nice source of omega-3 that can reduce inflammation. Be sure to avoid the temptation of pairing this with white rice though but do pair it with various greens.



Avocado Egg Salad

It is not that hard to make avocado egg salad and it is pretty filling too. You just need the right number of ingredients and you should be good to go in no time.

Macadamia Nuts

This type of nut is high in monounsaturated fats and low in everything else. You can rest assured that you must control the portion for this snack because of how good it tastes. It even combines perfectly with keto ice cream.

Caprese Salad

The ingredients of this salad are cheese, basil, tomatoes, and olive oil. It is the perfect way to start the day right.

Keto Cookies

Normal cookies contain lots of sugar so it would be better to make your own so you don’t have to worry much about getting a bit fat whenever you decide to go out. The worst that could happen is your old clothes may not fit you anymore and it is all due to eating too many cookies.

Sugar-Free Jello

There will always come a time when you would crave sweets and this snack is a good option without giving up your keto-friendly diet.

Cherry tomatoes

It is one of those delicious snacks that are pretty good for your skin and teeth.

Veggie Sticks

All you need to do is to make a simple stick out of zucchini and yellow squash so you can eat these things while on the go. You can dip these veggie sticks in eggless mayonnaise too.

Raw Coconut Butter

The butter is made out of pure coconut meat so you can still enjoy that coconut flavor. Don’t forget to avoid eating too much sugar though as that won’t be right.

Kale Chips

Kale is quite a popular low-carb vegetable due to the fact that it is packed with a bunch of vitamins so you should snack on these while you can.

Carrot sticks and peanut butter

Most people don’t know the fact that peanut butter is a good source of nonsaturated fats so dipping carrots in it would always be a splendid idea. Make sure the peanut butter is keto-friendly as there are some brands that add tons of sugar just to make the taste better.

Low-Carb Sandwiches

Believe it or not, bread is not totally forbidden when it comes to low-carb diets as you can still make your own keto-friendly bread.

Flaxseed Crackers

It is not that hard to make a batch of nutrient-dense crackers that don’t contain the number of carbs normal crackers usually do. It is certainly the perfect snack to bring with you for a long trip. You can even snack on it while watching a movie in the afternoon.

Steamed Edamame

For those who don’t know what edamame is, it is a soy-based snack that is packed with tons of nutrition. In fact, one of its benefits is preventing bone loss.

Keto Fries

It is actually pretty easy to make fries out of any low-carb veggies like carrots and string beans. It won’t even contain the amount of oil that you fear with McDonald’s french fries.

Unsweetened Plain Yogurt

As they say, save the best for last and that will happen when you opt for unsweetened plain yoghurt as your dessert.

Lettuce Wraps

Instead of rice, having your meat and spiced vegetables wrapped in lettuce would be a dream come true. You won’t even have to worry about gaining unnecessary carbs.


This is a nice source of fiber and it does not even contain that much protein. You often see it on pasta but you can eat it by itself.

String Cheese

Believe it or not, this is a low-carb snack with lots of protein. You can even pack the snack whenever you are on the go.

Acai Almond Butter Smoothie

When you have a blender at home, the possibilities are endless as long as you use the right ingredients. The good news is that you will save a lot of money when you make this at home compared to buying it at the smoothie store.

Keto Frappuccino

Never choose the Starbucks version because it contains lots of sugar. It would be better to make your own at home since it is easy to make. You can choose non-dairy whipped cream, unsweetened soya milk, and unsweetened mocha powder as your ingredients to avoid getting a cough.

All the above 24 non refined keto friendly snack options are great for you to try whenever you feel like it. As a matter of fact, you would stand a better chance of losing weight when you eat several times in a day compared to just twice or thrice. Don’t think for a second that you will lose weight if you eat just two meals if they’re heavy ones. It would be better if you eat several small ones in a day.

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