3 Top Black Bean Smoothie Recipes

If you’re looking to drink a healthy beverage, there’s no alternative to black bean smoothies. Loaded with tons of protein, these smoothies taste delicious. The best part: you can customize them any way you want. Add chocolates, bananas, strawberries, dates, or anything else you love and blend it with black beans for a perfect smoothie. You might want to use sweet fruits while whipping up these smoothies for the natural sweetness.

Having said that, how do you even make a black bean smoothie? Also, what are the best black bean smoothie recipes? We will find all that and more in the following few sections.


A healthy black bean smoothie can look delicious

A healthy black bean smoothie can look delicious



The first smoothie on our list includes tons of chocolates along with black beans and your basic veggies like cauliflower. Here’s what you will need for the recipe:

* Half a cup of black beans
* Any form of milk (plant or non-plant based)
* Sweetening agents like dates or bananas or both
* Half a cup of cocoa powder
* A teaspoon of hemp seeds (optional)
* Frozen cauliflower
* A dash of cinnamon

Once you have the ingredients, it’s time to whip up your smoothie. First thing, you would need a blender because that’s the easiest way to make the beverage. Use a powerful blender so that you aren’t left with chunks of cauliflowers and dates even after a couple of rounds. Make sure the blender blends well.

Now, once you have the ingredients and the blender ready, chop up everything except the powdered stuff and the milk and gradually transfer them to the blender. Finally, add the milk and blend your favorite beverage. The best part of this smoothie is despite being a bean smoothie it barely has the flavor of beans. Because you are using a combination of chocolate, banana, and dates, the taste of beans is completely masked.

Some people might be worried about tasting cauliflower. But that’s not a problem with this smoothie. Thanks to the sweetening agents, you won’t even know it contains cauliflower and on the plus point, you have a rich, delicious, and creamy drink that you genuinely enjoy.

The final and the biggest takeaway of these smoothies would be the hemp seeds (if you add them). These seeds go perfectly with the combination of bananas and dates, and you would love it. If you are vegan, you can always replace conventional milk with soy or almond milk. Either way, the drink will taste delicious.

Luckily, you can also whip up this smoothie in advance. So, if you are looking forward to something like a smoothie pack, this chocolate, banana, and black bean smoothie might just be your best bet. Another way to preserve the smoothie is by simply keeping it in your refrigerator for a couple of hours. In case you find it separating, just give it a good whisk before drinking.


The coolest thing about this smoothie is that you make it in a Mason jar. That is why it is imperative to choose the right mason jar. You might find conflicting opinions on the shape and structure of the jar, but the entire thing boils down to the blender. If you have a solid blender that whips up the ingredients well, you wouldn’t need to worry about a narrow or wide-mouthed jar.

Next, you need to screw a bunch of blades to your mason jar in a way that the blades aren’t in contact with the glass. Avoid even the remotest contact between the blade and the glass because it will end up breaking the glass leaving shards in your otherwise delicious smoothie.

Finally, make sure the jar is large enough to accommodate all the ingredients. Even though this might go without mention, having a big jar is crucial because a lot of mixing will happen inside it. We recommend using a tall jar with a wide mouth for this smoothie. This leaves you with enough room to accommodate the entire thing.

When you are comfortable with the equipment and have the stuff ready, it’s time to whip this delicious smoothie. You would love this beverage even more if you are fond of chocolate-based black bean crackers and cookies.

The primary source of sweetness in this smoothie is derived from the delicious dates. In case you do not have dates readily available you might want to use honey as an alternate product. You also have the option to choose or not choose dairy. Almond and coconut milk work best for this smoothie though you can also get soy milk or conventional milk. We also recommend using a bunch of frozen fruits like dates and strawberries so that you don’t need to add ice over the drink. This also adds a rich texture to your smoothie, and it will be a tad thicker than you would expect with regular unfrozen fruits.

So, how do you make this smoothie? First, you will need the following ingredients

* Three-fourth cup of your preferred milk
* One-fourth cup of rinsed black beans
* Three large tablespoons of cocoa powder
* A small chopped frozen banana and similarly chopped strawberries
* Four pitted dates

After you have the ingredients ready, transfer them to the mason jar. Next, attach it to the blade of your blender and invert the whole thing. Blend the ingredients until they have a smooth but thick texture.


If you’re looking for a smoothie that’ll help boost your muscle, add some luster to your hair, and make your nails stronger- this is one of the best smoothies for you. The combination of blueberries and bananas will give you much-needed antioxidants. Additionally, you will get the potassium you need for that shiny hair and strong nails.

So, how do you make this smoothie and what do you need in the first place? Here’s the deal:

* Half a cup of black beans (rinsed and cooked)
* Half a cup of chopped bananas
* One-third cup of chopped blueberries
* A tablespoon of vanilla or your preferred extract
* Any type of milk

The process is quite simple. After gathering the ingredients, put them in a blender and run the blender until the concoction is thick and creamy.


Now that you have three top black bean-based smoothie recipes to choose from, make your pick and whip up a delicious smoothie right away! Because all of these smoothies can be made the vegan way, you are completely flexible to add any ingredient you want.

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