Book // Vegan 100 by Gaz Oakley


Vegan 100

Vegan 100 by Gas Oakley


Through the guy who eats the most meat at my workplace, I met Gaz Oakley. Gaz made him appreciate vegan cuisine and that immediately caught my eye!

Gaz is a very skilled chef who previously just broadcasted his amazing vegan recipes via YouTube.

Now, his long awaited (by me at least) cookbook has finally been released!

Gaz’s book is completely vegan and shows how vegan food doesn’ t have to be boring.

In my opinion he is the master of flavor but not all of his recipes are completely healthy, as vegan isn’t the same as healthy.

This is my vegan bible with the most innovative and outstanding vegan recipes I have seen.

Try his vegan bacon (coco­nut bacon), but be warned, it’s super addictive — and not so health­ful — but who cares!

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